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Quantum Optics: Shortcuts to Adiabaticity

Research: Shortcuts to Adiabaticity

The preparation and control of quantum states in a quick and robust way is of the utmost importance for future quantum technologies. So far, the most robust state preparation techniques were provided by adiabatic processes; the external parameters of the Hamiltonian are varied slowly and the populations of the system in the instantaneous basis remain constant. Nevertheless, in many cases the adiabatic processes take too long and become impractical since their slowness makes them extremely sensitive to decoherence and noise.

Therefore, a lot of theoretical and experimental activity has started recently to develop new schemes for this task by speeding up adiabatic processes while keeping their robustness; this has led to the research field of “Shortcuts to Adiabaticity” (see arXiv:1212.6343 for a recent review).

We are working in this promising field developing theoretically new shortcut schemes and examining their stability. We are also collaborating with experimental and other theoretical groups in Toulouse, Bilbao and Shanghai.