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Quantum Control via Shortcuts to Adiabaticity
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This is the home page of the research group of Dr. Andreas Ruschhaupt, based in the Physics Department at the University College Cork (Ireland).

Latest Publications of the Group
T. Dowdall and A. Ruschhaupt, Trapping and cooling particles using a moving atom diode and an atomic mirror
Phys. Rev A 97, 013412 (2018)

We propose a theoretical scheme for atomic cooling, i.e., the compression of both velocity and position distribution of particles in motion. This is achieved by collisions of the particles with a combination of a moving atomic mirror and a moving atom diode. An atom diode is a unidirectional barrier, i.e., an optical device through which an atom can pass in one direction only. We show that the efficiency of the scheme depends on the trajectory of the diode and the mirror. We examine both the classical and quantum mechanical descriptions of the scheme, along with the numerical simulations to show the efficiency in each case.

X.-J. Lu, A. Ruschhaupt and J. G. Muga, Fast shuttling of a particle under weak spring-constant noise of the moving trap
Phys. Rev. A 97, 053402 (2018)

We investigate the excitation of a quantum particle shuttled in a harmonic trap with weak spring-constant colored noise. The Ornstein-Uhlenbeck model for the noise correlation function describes a wide range of possible noises, in particular for short correlation times the white-noise limit examined by Lu et al. [Phys. Rev. A 89, 063414 (2014)] and, by averaging over correlation times, “1/f flicker noise.” We find expressions for the excitation energy in terms of static (independent of trap motion) and dynamical sensitivities, with opposite behavior with respect to shuttling time, and demonstrate that the excitation can be reduced by proper process timing and design of the trap trajectory.

Dr. Anthony Kiely is going to join the Department of Physics and the group again from September 2018.

Past Events
Anthony's Thesis Defense (January 2017)
Congratulations Anthony!
[Anthony's defence]

Summer school (July 2016)
Summer School:
Shortcut to Adiabaticity 2016
in Cork (UCC)

Monday 25th and Tuesday 26th July 2016 (two full days)

International Speakers:
J. Gonzalo Muga (UPV, Bilbao, Spain)
Andrea Alberti (University of Bonn, Germany)
Thomas Busch (OIST, Japan)
Local Speaker and Organiser:
Andreas Ruschhaupt (UCC)
Local Co-Organiser:
David Rea (UCC)
Programme (final):

[STA 2016 Group Photo]

From left to right: David Rea, Henry O'Keeffe,Shane O'Mahony, Amy Kirwan, Tom Dowdall, Chris Whitty, John Brennan, Brian O'Sullivan, Kevin Shortiss, Guido de Rosa, Ciaran Deasy, Kieran Cooney, Steve Campbell, Andreas Ruschhaupt, Thomas Busch, Pramod Kumar, Andrea Alberti and Gonzalo Muga.