Peer Reviewed Reprints

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  • Grey Solitons in Bose-Einstein Condensates as Mesoscopic Particles
    Th. Busch and J.R. Anglin
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    Springer Berlin/Heidelberg (2000), p.67-76.
  • Instabilities of dark solitons and monopoles in Bose-Einstein condensates
    Th. Busch and J.R. Anglin,
    in Laser Spectroscopy. 14th International Conference ICOLS99.
    World Scientific, Singapore (1999), p.320-321.
  • Fermi Inhibition in Inhomogeneous Atomic Gases
    Th. Busch, J.I. Cirac, J.R. Anglin and P. Zoller,
    in Epistemological and Experimental Perspectives on Quantum Physics (Vienna Circle Institute),
    edited by D. Greenberger, W.L. Reiter and A. Zeilinger,
    Kluwer Academic Publishers (1999), p.235-237.

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