1st North-South Quantum Information Meeting
29th-31st October 2008, Celtic Ross Hotel, Rosscarbery
Wednesday, 29.10.2008
09:50  Arrival at Cork Airport and Transfer to Celtic Ross Hotel
13:00  Lunch
15:00   Overview: Quantum Optics Group UCC
Sile Nic Chormaic
15:30  Measurement Based Quantum Computation with Photons
Mark Tame
16:00  Tea and Biscuits
17:00   Single Atoms in Microtraps
Brian O'Sullivan
19:00  Dinner
Thursday, 30.10.2008
08:00  Breakfast
09:30  Control-limited Perfect State Transfer, Quantum Stochastic Resonance and
           Many Body Entangling Gate in Imperfect Qubit Registers
Carlo di Franco
10:00   Laser Cooling of Gallium
Lauren Rutherford
10:30  Coffee and Biscuits
13:00  Lunch
15:00  Soccer Match
19:00  Dinner
Friday, 31.10.2008
08:00  Breakfast
09:00  Optical Tuning of Microcavity Resonances around the Rb D2 line
Johnathan Ward
10:00  Singlet-state extraction from non-interacting high-dimensional spins
Francesco Ciccarello
10:30  Coffee and Biscuits
11:30  Quantisation of surface plasmon polaritons
Daniel Berman
12:00  Quantum Computing with ultracold vortices?
Suzanne McEndoo
12:30  Secrets within the noise: quantum encryption for real-world networks
Paul Townsend
13:30  Lunch
14:30  Transfer back to Cork
18:30  Flights back to Belfast

List of Participants
Berman, Daniel (QUB)
Busch, Thomas (UCC)
Campbell, Steven (QUB)
Ciccarello, Francesco (c/o QUB)
Deasy, Kieran(CIT)
Frawley, Mary (UCC)
di Franco, Carlo (QUB)
Gleeson, Danny (UCC)
Goold, John (UCC)
Hennessy, Tara (UCC)
Kim, Myungshik (QUB)
McCann, Jim (QUB)
McEndoo, Suzanne (UCC)
McKenna, Geraldine (QUB)
Morrissey, Michael (CIT)
Nic Chormaic, Sile (UCC)
O'Sullivan, Brian (UCC)
Paternostro, Mauro (QUB)
Russell,Laura (UCC)
Rutherford, Lauren (QUB)
Springer, Sean (QUB)
Tame, Mark (QUB)
Ward, Jonathan (CIT)
Watkins, Amy (UCC)
Wu, Yuqiang (UCC)

Financial Support