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Laura Russell

UCC PhD Student
Embark Initiative Scholar
Tel: 353-21- 490 4847 (office) or 4885 (lab)
Fax: 353-21-490 4880

Laura joined the group in October 2008, having completed her BSc in Physics from UCC.  She is funded through an IRCSET postgraduate scholarship.   Apart from physics, Laura is passionate about flying and has featured in RTE's Consuming Passions in a programme entitled "Plane Crazy".  

As part of her PhD programme Laura was awarded an SFI STTF that enabled her to spend 3 months in the University of Bonn (Germany) with the gropu of Prof. D. Meschede, working on the design of a lens system for imaging single atoms.

  Laura as featured in Plane Crazy.

In May 2010, at an award ceremony in the Institute of Physics Headquarters in London, Laura was awarded the Shell & Institute of Physics Very Early Career Woman Physicist Prize for her research and outreach activities. 

Laura Russell (second from the left) after winning joint First in the Very Early Career Woman Physicist Award.

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