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Undergraduate Projects

Each year we host a number of undergraduates in our research laboratory.   This gives the students an opportunity to interact with the group members and to learn about new and exciting advances in physics-related technologies. 

2010-2011 UCC Undergraduates

Ashling Creedon, "Spherical properties of microbubbles"

Galvin Khara, "Higher order mode generation in tapered optical fibres"

2009-2010 UCC Undergraduates

Evan Ryan, "Spectral analysis of emssions from microcavity lasers"

2009 UCC Undergraduates

Mark Daly, "Experimental techniques in laser cooling"

Frances Lordan, "Manipulation of microparticles using optical forces: imaging "

Alex Petcu, "Optical nanofibers as tools for manipulating cold atoms: theory and experiment"

Project jointly supervised by Dr. Thomas Busch.

2008 UCC Undergraduates

Roy Healy, "Extended Cavity Diode Lasers and Rubidium Absorption Spectroscopy"

Laura Russell, "Micro-optics: Fibres, Spheres, Disks and Rings"

Blog can be read at:

2006 CIT Undergraduates

Aoife de Burca, "Design and calibration of a wavemeter and power meter for lasers".

Niall Hennessy, "Design and calibration of an optical colour sensor".

Mark Hurley, "A fibre optic sensor for measurement of vibrational frequencies".

2005 CIT Undergraduates

Jacinth Barry, "Magneto-optical trapping of rubidium atoms".

Eoin Forde, "Particle size determination using the Tyndall effect and Mie scattering theory".

Olivia O'Brien, "Manipulation of microparticles using an optical tweezers arrangement".

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