The Masters in Photonics is a one year taught Masters designed to prepare students for further research or a career in Photonics.


The area of Photonics is highly advanced field that has components of Physics, Materials Science and Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Most topics in Photonics are not covered during an undergraduate education. As a result, academic graduate programs and industrial companies are forced to provide a great deal of teaching in order for new personnel to be able to complete their advanced degrees or pursue their jobs.


The Masters in Photonics program is therefore designed to accomplish two different tasks: First, to complete the education required to move into a Ph.D. in Photonics, and second, to provide the background necessary to pursue a career in Photonics.


Within the one year Masters in Photonics program the student will complete six courses and laboratory work designed to impart the theoretical and practical knowledge required to pursue either further studies or a career in Photonics. Then, during the summer they will complete a research project in Photonics to gain further experience.