Dr. Marc Goulette

Project Title: Development of a trace gas absorption instrument for the European CARIBIC Experiment.



Room 118D, Lab 102






Research Experience

2015-2017:        Laser Spectroscopy Group, Physics department, University College Cork, Ireland. Project: Development of a trace gas absorption instrument for the European CARIBIC Experiment.

2014-2015:        Trainer in radioprotection, Radioprotection Group, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland.

2013-2014:        Postdoctoral position, Independent Research Group, Geneva, Switzerland. Project: Study and design of an instrument to produce, measure and probe the Anomalous Heat Effect (AHE) in Hydrogen-charged Palladium and in other alloys.

2009-2013:        Postdoctoral position, Physics Group, ATLAS experiment, University of Geneva, Switzerland. Project: Production and validation of Monte Carlo samples for the physics analysis at the LHC. Study of the W and Z production in ATLAS and constraints on proton structure.

2005-2009:        Doctoral student in engineering and applied physics, Physics Group, ATLAS experiment, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland. Project: Measurement of the W and Z into leptons cross- sections and simulation of the Transition Radiation Detector material and geometry.

2004-2005:        Research Associate, Particle Physics Section, Atomic Energy Commission, Saclay, France. Project: Measurement of the branching ratio, polarisation and search for CP violation in the charmless decay modes of the B meson in the BABAR experiment.

2003-2004:        Technical Student, Institute of Subatomic Research, Strasbourg, France. Project: Development of an automatic analysis system of nuclear tracks for radiation measurements.

2003-2004:       Summer Student, Experimental Physics Section, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland. Project: Development of a PC based interface to a commercial spectrometer in the visible range with Labview and measurement of the optical properties of different detector components.



2005-2009:        PhD in Particle Physics, University of Strasbourg, France
PhD in Engineering and applied physics, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland Selected for the 2006 European School of High Energy Physics, Aronsborg, Sweden.

2004-2005:     Master of Science in modelling and instrumentation for particle physics experiments, Louis Pasteur University, Strasbourg, France - Three-week experiment about Na particles (ion implantation, characterisation of nanoparticles, temperature study, calibration of a 4 MeV linear accelerator, Monte Carlo simulations on SRIM and sample analysis with the RBS and NRA methods). - Project in computing on the J/Ψ particle production and simulation of a simplified detector.

2002-2005:        National Engineering School of Higher Education in Physics of Strasbourg (ENSPS) and Master of Engineering, Louis Pasteur University, Strasbourg, France - Project on neutrinos and project on particle accelerators. - Development of a black and white sensor for the French robotics cup (2003) - Project on numerical calculus in mathematics.

2000-2001:        Degree in engineering mathematics, Paul Sabatier University, Toulouse, France. - Conception of a numerical clock. - Project on radars and stealth.

1997-2000:        Intensive Maths, Physics and engineering courses (PSI), Lycée Henri Loritz, Nancy, France. - Aerodynamic study of a plane wing and measurements on a Leybold model.


Research Interests

I am interested in various topics, such as particle physics (search for new particles, parton density functions, Monte Carlo generators), astrophysics (neutrinos), astrobiology (origin of life), space research (human exploration, robotics), instrumentation, environment, sustainable energies, and cognitive science (mainly artificial intelligence and neuroscience).


Teaching and supervision

2013-2014:        Coordinator of the ATLAS Visitor Center, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland.

2009-2013:        Teaching general physics at the Faculty of Medicine, Geneva, Swizerland. Contact person and monitoring of the Swiss National Supercomputing Center in Lugano.

2009-2012:        Supervision of a PhD student, University of Geneva, Switzerland.

2007-2007:        Supervision of a CERN Summer Student, Geneva, Switzerland.

2004-2004:        Trainer as a mathematics teacher, Math Performance, Strasbourg, France.

2003-2004:      Project leader of a team of 4 students on the development of an automatic analysis system of nuclear tracks for radiation measurements, Strasbourg, France.


Conferences, Presentations and Workshops

  • Présentation de mes travaux dans les expériences BABAR et ATLAS et projet de recherche dans LHCb, Séminaire LPNHE , CNRS Paris, 9 Feb. 2015
  • Falling backwards with CERN's latest discoveries, CreativeMornings , Geneva, 31st. May 2013.
  • MC@NLO + Herwig++ W/Z DY validation, ATLAS Physics and Performance week, CERN, 8th Nov. 2012.
  • MC12 MC@NLO + Herwig++ for W,Z. SM W/Z-Physics group Meeting, CERN, 5th Nov. 2012.
  • What should we know about the Higgs particle?, ATLAS Blog , 15th August 2012.
  • W and Z production and constraints on proton structure, QCD2012 , 2nd July 2012 (invited by the ATLAS speakers committee).
  • CERN & ATLAS visit info for guides, ATLAS Week, 5th June 2012.
  • Questioning the unquestionable, TEDx Conference, Geneva, Bastion, 31st May 2012.
  • Contribution to the ATLAS experiment, CERN and the Unige, CHIPP Workshop, Zurich, 29th July. 2011.
  • ATLAS grid experience, CHIPP Workshop on the High-Energy Frontier, Zurich, 1-2 Sept. 2010.
  • Analysis on the 7 TeV data, ATLAS Geneva Physics Meeting, 21st May 2010.
  • Analysis aspects in ATLAS, CSCS Workshop, Manno, 29th April 2010.
  • Exercise on the 900 GeV data (update), ATLAS Geneva Physics Meeting, 20th March 2010.
  • Exercise on the 900 GeV data, ATLAS Geneva Physics Meeting, 5th March 2010.
  • TRT material status, Inner Detector Material Meeting, CERN, 15th Feb. 2010.
  • E/p studies, 2nd Ringberg Workshop for the ATLAS Inner Detector Software, Germany, April 2008.
  • Status on B0 → K*0 ρ0, Babar meeting, Elba, Italy, May 2005.



As main author:

  • M. Goulette, W and Z production in ATLAS and constraints on proton structure, Nucl. Phys. B P14547 (2012).

  • M. Goulette, Simulation et détermination des quantités de matière du trajectomètre à rayonnement de transition de l'expérience ATLAS, étalonnage et alignement du détecteur avec des données cosmiques, et estimation des sections efficaces de production des désintégrations W→ eν and Z→ ee au LHC, CERN-THESIS-2010-008 (2010).

  • M. Goulette, Comparison of acceptances and radiative effects for W or Z into leptons for the generators Pythia, Herwig and MC@NLO, ATL-COM-PHYS-2008-010 (2008).

  • M. Goulette, Update on the TRT end-cap material weight, ATL-COM-INDET-2007-001, ATLAS note (2007).

    M. Goulette, Update on the TRT material weight, ATL-COM-INDET-2006-006 (2006).

Other publications with significant contribution:

  • ATLAS Collaboration, A measurement of the ratio of the production cross sections for W and Z bosons in association with jets with the ATLAS detector, European Physical Journal C 74, 3168 (2014) .

  • ATLAS Collaboration, Search for high-mass dileption resonances in pp collisions at vs = 8 TeV with the ATLAS detector, Physical Review D 90, 052005 (2014).

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  • C. Joram, A. Braem, M. Goulette, Sensitivity Measurements on Photodetectors, summer student workshop (2003).

  • - Co-author of more than 390 other publications with the ATLAS Collaboration (2005-2014)