UCC Weather Station Data



Operated by:


A.A. Ruth & Laser Spectroscopy Group,

Physics Department & Environmental Research Institute,

University College Cork, Cork, Ireland




Please acknowledge the operators of the weather mast in any published work that makes use of the data.




Minute data (updated at midnight each day from 1st May 2017)


Hourly (Nov 2015 - present )


Daily  (November 2015 - present)




UCC Weather Mast, North Mall Campus (Distillery Fields), Cork City, Ireland

Location: N51.89948, E-8.4864




Instructions for data:


To Save data: Right click on file, Then click "Save as...".



File type: Text files - csv(comma separated variable).



Open with: Notepad, MS Excel, or other plotting software.



How to read the data: The table headers for the minute data are as outlined below:


Column 1: Date and time


Column 2: Record number


Column 3: Battery [V]


Column 4: Internal temperature [C]


Column 5: Air temperature [C]


Column 6: Relative humidity [%]


Column 7: Ground temperature [C]


Column 8: Air pressure [mbar]


Column 9: Rainfall [mm]


Last updated: 02/06/2017