Cavity Ring-Down User Meeting 2006

(17th), 18th & 19th September 2006

Physics Department, National University of Ireland, University College Cork, Ireland    UCC                                         supported by
The meeting was the 6th in a series of very successful short annual meetings (Heeze, Lille, Düsseldorf, Eindhoven, Oxford) and covered aspects of optical cavity based experiments and theory. 



More snap shots from the meeting.

Programme        ¬ Click to download pdf-file of the programme including abstracts

Sunday, 17th September

16:00 – 18:00

Registration / Coffee & Refreshments


18:15 – 19:15

Guided UCC Campus Tour –  (supported by Alpes Lasers)

  20:30 …

Informal get-together in the Western Star (Pub on Western Road)


Monday, 18th September 

  9:00 – 10:00

Registration / Coffee & Refreshments

10:00 – 10:10

A.A. Ruth

(University College Cork)


‘The welcome’





Session 1:               Chairman R. Engeln

(Eindhoven University of Techn.)




10:10 – 11:00

K.K. Lehmann (invited, L1)

(University of Virginia)


Recent advances in cavity ring-down spectroscopy and related methods

11:00 – 11:25

H. Linnartz (not previously scheduled)

(University of Leiden)


Astrophysics and Astrochemistry: Cavity Ring Down Spectroscopy

11:25 – 11:50

S. Rudic (L2)

(University of Bristol)


Optical properties of aerosol particles studied by cavity ringdown spectroscopy

11:50 – 12:15

N.J. van Leeuwen (L3)

(University of Oxford)


Towards NICE-OHMS for the detection of peroxy radicals




12:10 – 14:15

Lunch at Staff Restaurant on Campus

(supported by Layertec GmbH)



Session 2:                Chairman H.P. Loock

(Queen’s University Kingston)




14:30 – 15:20

A. Orr-Ewing (invited, L4)

(University of Bristol)


Applications of cavity enhanced spectroscopy techniques in atmospheric chemistry

15:20 – 15:45

M. Sigrist (L5)

(ETH Zürich)


High resolution spectroscopic investigation of mono- and dimethyl amines employing a cw cavity ringdown spectrometer

15:45 – 16:10

J.H. van Helden (L6)

(Eindhoven University of Techn.)


The density of NH and NH2 radicals in ammonia forming expanding plasmas




16:10 – 16:30

Tea & Coffee Break





16:30 – 16:55

D. Romanini (L7)

(University J. Fourier of Grenoble)


High resolution cavity-enhanced absorption spectroscopy with a mode comb

16:55 – 17:20

J. Thiébaud (L8)

(University of Lille)


cw-CRDS coupled to laser photolysis: an original set-up devoted to HO2 time-resolved detection

17:20 – 19:30

Poster Session & light refreshments

(supported by Sacher Lasertechnik)




19:30 – 21:30

Dinner at Staff Restaurant on Campus

(supported by Tiger Optics)

21:30 ...

Get-together in an Irish Pub (to be announced)



Tuesday, 19th September

Session 3:                  Chairman H. Linnartz

(University of Leiden)




  9:30 – 10:20

W. Ubachs (invited, L9)

(Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)


Cavity ring-down spectroscopy: from gases to liquids and to shorter wavelengths

10:20 – 11:45

M. Islam (L10)

(University of Teesside)


Broadband liquid phase cavity enhanced absorption spectroscopy

11:45 – 12:10

A.J.L. Shillings (L11)

(University of Cambridge)


Broadband CRDS laboratory studies of the near infra-red absorption of the water vapour dimer

12:10 – 13:10

Poster Session – continued

Tea & Coffee Break





13:10 – 14:10

Lunch at Staff Restaurant on Campus

(supported by Layertec GmbH)



Session 4:                Chairman D. Romanini

(University J. Fourier of Grenoble)




14:10 – 15:00

A. Pipino (invited, L12)

(Eindhoven University of Techn.)


Topics in evanescent wave cavity ring-down spectroscopy

15:00 – 15:25

H.P. Loock (L13)

(Queen’s University Kingston)


Phase shift ring-down spectroscopy in optical wave guides




15:25 – 15:40

Tea & Coffee Break





15:40 – 16:05

M. Mazurenka (L14)

(University of Cambridge)


Combining evanescent wave cavity ringdown with scanning electrochemical methods to study dynamical interfacial phenomena

16:05 – 16:30

S. Gilb (L15)

(Tech. University of Munich)


Optical absorption spectra of gold atoms deposited on SiO2 from cavity ring-down spectroscopy

16:30 – 16:55

R. Faulkner (L16)

(Dublin City University)


A novel optical cavity technique for negative hydrogen ion density measurements (CANCELED !)

16:55 – 17:05

A. Ruth

(University College Cork)


‘Concluding remarks’





17:15 – 18:00

P. Callanan

(University College Cork)


Guided tour of the historic Crawford Observatory on Campus


Event Sponsors:                                            


Local organising committee: Dr A. Ruth (Chair), Dr D. Venables, Prof P. Brint, Prof J. Orphal, and Dr T. Gherman.
Scientific Advisory Board: Prof G. Hancock (Oxford), Dr R. Engeln (Eindhoven).

Further information can be otained from or or by fax (+353 (0)21 4276949) to A. Ruth.

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The 7th Cavity Ring-Down User Meeting (2007) will be hosted by

Institute of Low Temperature Plasma Physics (INP) Greifswald


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