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PY4112: Gravitation and Cosmology

Dr. Asaf Pe'er

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Extra Lectures will be given to compensate for the lack of lectures in the final week of the semester. Dates will be published in time.

Course Syllabus

Lecture notes

Important Note. These are my personal lecture notes, that I prepared for my personal use as part of the preparations for teaching this module. I post them here for the sole purpose of assisting the students learning this fascinating, yet difficult subject.
I make no claim of originality. I am basing a large part of the text on the lecture notes of Sean Carroll, which are freely available here. Other major resources I used are the books by Steven Weinberg and by James Hartle (and, to a lesser extent, by Bernard Schutz). I also used my personal notes from the course taught by Mordehai Milgrom, as well as the lecture notes of the course taught by Barak Kol, which were taken and given to me by Smadar Naoz.
(Note: these are constantly being updated.)



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