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PY4111: Galactic and Extragalactic Astrophysics

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Important Note. These are my personal lecture notes, that I prepared for my personal use as part of the preparations for teaching this module. I post them here for the sole purpose of assisting the students learning this subject.
I make no claim of originality. In preparing my lecture notes, I make use of text taken from various book, in particular the books by H. Mo, F. van den Bosch and S. White; T. Padmanabhan; J. Binney and S. Tremaine; B. Ryden; E. Kolb and M. Turner . I also used my personal notes from the course taught by Y. Nir and E. Waxman.
(Note: these are constantly being updated.)



  • The final exam is schedule for Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017.
    The format is different than that of previous years, but is similar to (most) other exams. Namely, you will be asked to solve 3 questions out of 4 options.
    Naturally, the questions will represent the material studies in class and in homework.
  • The exam will test your knowledge of the basic physics discussed during the semester, as well as your ability to solve basic relevant questions. Being with closed material, I do expect you to show familiarity with basic concepts such as the Jeans scale, Jaens mass, Virial theorem and its implications, Toomore's parameter etc. I do not expect you to memorize the details of long derivations, such as the derivation of Toomre's stability criterion (but you do need to understand the basic logical steps behind the derivation !).
  • In the exam I expect you to show that you understand the basic physical concepts, not that you remember the material. As usual, your best indication about how well you are predicted to do in the exam is how well you do in homework - if you are able to solve the problems yourself, you need not worry.

Good Luck !!

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