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PY2104: Introduction to thermodynamics and statistical physics

Dr. Asaf Pe'er

Course Schedule


  • The final exam is schedule for Tuesday, December 19th, 2017
    It will have the same format of previous years exams, namely you will be asked to solve 3 questions out of 4 options.
    Naturally, the questions will represent the material studies in class and in homework.
  • In the exam you will be asked to show that you understand the material, not that you memorize it. Your best indication about how well you are predicted to do in the exam is how well you do in homework - if you are able to solve the problems yourself, you need not worry.
  • The best tip I can give you is that I am looking for physical understanding, rather than for ability to memorize items or to solve complicated mathematical equations. Thus, you should have a clear idea of the meaning of the various terms discussed in class, such as partition function, entropy, Helmholtz free energy, etc. and their use in solving problems. You should be able to conduct basic calculations using these concepts.

For your reference, attached is the Summer 2013 Exam , and my suggested solutions .

Good Luck !!