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Interesting Pages

Naked Eye Astronomy Guide (Thanks to Ben and to Jessica Bishop)

Backyard Astronomy Basics (Thanks to Brooke and Ava Gray)

Homepage of Kirk McDonald (Princeton): all sort of nice Physics Examples

The Scientific sentence - Quantum Mechanics

"The observable Universe" blog (in Hebrew)

Back of the Envelope Physics Problems

Homepage of Niel Brandt

Open online Courses in Physics

David Tong's lectures on Quantum Field Theory

Level 5: Extragalactic astronomy and Cosmology

The Feynman lectures on physics

Sean Carroll's lecture notes on general relativity

Hubble site (a lot of nice pictures)

AstroBetter blog

A Brief History of High-Energy Astronomy (NASA / Goddard)

Cosmology: CMB, Ly-alpha, LSS, Lensing, etc (BERKELEY)

Cosmology distance calculator (Ned Wright)

Introduction to plasma physics: A graduate course (Richard Fitzpatrick)

Application of classical physics (A course given by Kip Thorne & Roger Blandford at Caltech)

Quarks, Nuclei and Cosmos: Intro to nuclear physics (A course given by Xiangdong Ji at UMD)

Homepage of Yossi Nir at the Weizmann Institiute (with on-line material of some courses he gave)