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How do I kill a mocking bird?

To kill a mocking bird is a novel by Harper Lee, which deals with issues such as racism, rape and injustice.

As I discussed above, there is a close connection between science - and scientific education and such things such as tolerance, openness, justice and democracy. Though these issues seem at first sight unrelated, they are in fact closely related.

In the very heart of science is the need to be open to new ideas, regardless of questions such as how "strange" they seem at first, or who proposes them. The ONLY thing that is important is whether an idea is consistent with reality, in the sense that it can explain the results of scientific experiments. If it can, it is valid; if not, it is not. In order to evaluate scientific ideas and scientific experiments, one needs to be very careful in finding the truth: realize what is correct and what is incorrect; to find the important factors that affect the results of an experiment, and discriminate them from irrelevant, or unimportant factors. Mastering this ability is useful not only in science, but in many other aspects of life, in particular analysing compliance with laws and human behaviour. It is for this reason that some physicists succeed in jobs in fields which seem much unrelated to their studies, such as finance; they simply use their special skills.

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